The Sesenta Struggle.

Last weekend my friends and I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Buenos Aires for the music festival known as Lollapalooza!!! Although the weekend exceeded my expectations in many ways, there were also many desperate and uncomfortable moments. For example, upon the night of arrival my friends and I encountered a man masturbating on the street only to arrive to our hostel and walk-in on some people banging on the terrace. I have nothing against masturbation or sex but I’d prefer not to encounter random strangers partaking in the acts on an empty stomach. Some other desafíos included the endless bathroom and food truck lines. However, nothing really compared to the endless sesenta(60) bus line. There were so many people leaving the concert that for a few hours la sesenta would just pass our bus stop without stopping because there were already so many people on the bus. Besides the endless line and five hour wait in the middle of the night, the freezing temperature and lack of warm clothing left a few of my friends and I quite ill. I don’t think any explanation can do the desperate wait justice but I definitely have a newfound appreciation for warmth and reliable transportation. We dug deep and pushed through the second day of the festival but it was all worth it!

Although there were many talented artists, I especially enjoyed The Alabama Shakes, Jungle, Tame Impala, Florence and the Machine and a really cool Argentine band called Babasónicos. I definitely recommend checking them out. oh yeah and … EMINEM. What an amazing performance.

During the day before arriving at the show we got to explore Buenos Aires a little and the city was beautiful. Walking through the streets with warm maté and good company was sublime. Included are some pictures in front of the Casa Rosada (Argentina’s equivalent of the White House) and my cute little space buns courtesy of my friend Evelyn.





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